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"The cuisine is just to die for. They grow almost everything they need or might need on the premises. Out come luncheons and dinners of superb quality."

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Mell's Restaurant

Kapishya Lodge proudly offers high quality home grown food, carefully prepared by chefs who are trained in a wide range of cuisines. Striving for self-sufficiency, almost all the ingredients including meat, vegetables, dairy and herbs come from the farm that belongs to the lodge. 


In between the meals, Kapishya proudly offers home grown and roasted Arabica coffee. 

The bar, describe by many as British pub in the middle of the African busy, is fully stocked with a wide range of spirits and other tipples. 

The Farm

The gardens at Kapishya provide a huge variety of fruits and vegetables. These are required by the kitchen to produce exquisite meals. Here you will find ordinary cabbage growing next to pak-choi, carrots next to kai-lan, seven different types of lettuce, brussels sprouts and more. 

Fruit trees are spread all over the grounds. They provide fresh mangos, oranges and lemons as well as less common types such as golden grenadila, tree tomatoes or prickly pear. 

Cattle, pigs, sheep, chicken, turkey... they all enjoy an idyllic life in spacious enclosures. What is more, the cattle are taken to the pastures every day while turkeys are usually found roaming free around the lodge. 

Everything that the farm provides is processed at Kapishya. Therefore things such as bread, butter, cheese, bacon, sausages and various preserves are all home made. 

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