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"The natural hot springs are the ultimate delight, regardless of the time of day you visit them"

TripAdvisor Guest

The Springs

The naturally sulphur free geothermal springs have been enjoyed by generations of Kapishya guests. Crystal clear water reaches the surface from thermal vents 7km below, giving the spring a perfect temperature of around 40 degrees Celsius. A small wall gives the pool shape, enabling enough water for a comfortable and safe swim, especially for children.

Around the lodge

On those warm sunny days, the pool deck is the place where most guests will gather to relax. It is beautifully situated overlooking the Mansha river surrounded by our colorful gardens. With a huge variety of tropical plants, the gardens are indeed an attraction of their own. 

Stunning sunsets at Kapishya are something that one cannot get enough of. Sundowners at the Tree Tops platform, while sipping on gin & tonic, is definitely something worth considering before dinner time. 

Outside Activities

Kapishya offers a number of exciting activities promoting the beauty and tranquility of the surrounding area. Rafting trips on Mansha river will take you through spectacular evergreen landscapes. For those who don't like getting wet, there are plenty of exciting places reachable on foot - one such being the recent discovery site of rock paintings estimated to be at 60 000 years old.

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