Kapishya is a quiet secluded Lodge just off the Great North Road, situated on the Estate of Shiwa Ngandu (The Africa House) and is set along the banks of the Mansha River. 

The main attraction of Kapishya is its natural, sulphur-free hot springs. 

Kapishya has a fully stocked bar and a restaurant serving high standard international cuisine. 

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The Hot Springs are an idyllic spot to spend your time relaxing in the natural, sulphur free water. These natural Springs are fed by three cold water springs which permeate down 6-7 kilometres to be super heated and then forced back to the surface dropping 10oc with every kilometre, so ending up on the surface at a luxurious 41oc. As your feet sink into the soft white sand, you can forget about the stresses of the outside world and truly relax. 



The lodge consists of 6 chalets which are situated next to the Mansha river and are surrounded by evergreen gardens. They are  built with true African flavour and from local materials. Each one of them has an en suit toilet as well as fitted shower with running hot water and is able to accommodate families of up to 6 people. Additional shared facilities are available to chalet guests such as pool deck and River View lounge with mini library and TV set.






Mell’s restaurant at Kapishya has become recognized as an eatery of note, where international cuisine sits easily next to local fayre. When it comes to sourcing the ingredients self-sufficiency is something that owners are very proud of as both meat and vegetables come mostly from Kapishya’s gardens and farm. Self-catering guests are most welcome to purchase meals from the restaurant.

Breakfast is sure to set you up for the day, whether it is the ‘Full English’ with the sausages, bacon and eggs from the farm or the home baked-bread & butter served with a wide selection of homemade preserves (which are also on sale, along with various pickles, in the dining room). Home-grown coffee and freshly squeezed juices from the orchard. Cereal and fresh fruit, including seasonal tropical fruits such as guava, mango, paw-paw and bananas.
Lunch has many varied menus and comes with home-grown salad and homemade bread and will be sure to keep you going until dinner, which is always a culinary delight. Usually three courses and all dietary preferences can be catered for.


The social centre of the lodge, this fully stocked bar is open all day and also offers a tasty selection of mouth watering bar snacks. Perfect for meeting at the end of your day, where an ice cold beer or your favourite tipple will be slid across the bar in to your grateful hand or brought to you by a smiling waiter. Here is a time for convivial chat and friendly banter. Later, it is the place to retire after a sumptuous meal and to listen to Mark entertain you with his many stories of daring do, bringing to life the characters of people who have had the pleasure of staying at Kapishya and of adventurers from the past whom we have only heard of in history books.


This relatively new addition to the lodge is becoming a firm favourite with the guests. A small lighted pool sits in front of a spacious deck lounge which stands above the well kept garden with its abundance of plant life and secluded seating areas. The river flows and bubbles over a miniature set of rapids. If you look to the right you might get a fleeting glimpse of the monitor lizard who lives in the small kopjie on the bank.


The setting of Kapishya, nestling on the banks of the river Mansha is richly enhanced by the picturesque gardens which surround the chalets. Small hand painted signs giving the names in both english and latin dotted around the garden pay tribute to the dedication that has gone in to the upkeep of the Lodge and its surroundings. Here is Alocasia macrorrhiza, the magnificent ‘Elephant Ear’, there is Bixa orellana, the intriguingly named ‘Lipstick Plant’, over there Heliconia humili’s the scary sounding ‘Lobster’s Claw’. Oh yes, and the ‘Have you left your room key?’ Even the pretty little herb garden on the right of the lodge entrance shows you the way to Chives, Mint and Dill. If you wish to take a wander around the vegetable garden ask a member of staff and he or she will willingly take you.


Above the bar and restaurant is the River View Lounge. Here you can relax in the quietest part of the Lodge and high tea is served at 1600hrs, Tea, scones biscuits and cake are the order of the day, served with the exclusive preserves made by the Lodge. So enjoy both your tea and the view.

On the other side of the stairwell is the T.V. area with DSTV where you can sit in a comfy chair and watch your favourite programme. Due to the power situation viewing is generally restricted to the evening.  

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Located on the bank of the river Mansha, this pleasant campsite has an ablution block consisting of two sets of toilets and hot showers. A basic kitchen area, fire places and shade huts are dotted around the site in the shade of the Miombo woodland. Firewood is provided free of charge.

Self-caterers need only bring their food with them as all bedding and eating utensils are provided. There is now a self-catering kitchen where clients can cook for themselves but we will provide a kitchen helper We will endeavour to offer limited fridge space to self-catering clients for food only!

The Campsite has running water with 5 toilets and 2 hot showers.

Unfortunately we cannot allow campers the use of the kitchen utensils and facilities but can provide meals for them by prior arrangement.

At present the Camp Site does not have electricity but plans are under foot to bring power to it in the near future



Kapishya Hot Springs Lodge is adjacent to the estate of Shiwa N’gandu “The Africa House”, 32km off the Great North Road. The turn off is clearly sign posted on the 86 km peg, north of Mpika. Drive times from Lusaka are approximately nine hours and seven hours from the Copperbelt. The road is very good having been recently upgraded. The last 32km on a well graded gravel road. Fuel is usually available in Kapiri Mposhi, Serenge and Mpika. It is recommended that you top up whenever you can. If you are continuing into North Luangwa please ensure that you carry enough spare fuel for the onward journey.


Kapishya Hot springs is accessible all year round and is of a moderate climate during January to the beginning of May, but be cautious to bring raincoats and weatherproof tents (if you decide to camp) and a four wheel drive vehicle is also recommended. From June to July the evening temperatures drop dramatically and warm clothing is a must. From August to December the temperature is pleasant but a few warm things wouldn’t go amiss.



  • We have recently been connected to a  1 Megawatt Mini Hydro so now mains electricity is available. We have endeavoured to upgrade the entire lodge to accommodate modern appliances.
  • Wi-Fi is available but restricted to a small area around reception. 
  • The hot water is produced by a traditional “Rhodesian boiler” 
  • The lights are run on solar power during the day and a generator at night
  • Filtered drinking water 
  • Mosquito nets and coils in each room
  • Laundry facilities are available



Warm clothes, a torch with some spare batteries, a wide brimmed sun hat, swimming costumes (towels are provided), binoculars, mosquito repellent, high factor sun cream (SPF 30+) and a camera battery charger that will run off a 12 volt power supply such as a car power point. Although the North Luangwa and Kapishya Hot Springs lodge are not a high risk malaria areas we do recommend that you do take a prophylactic so please consult your doctor.


See separate page on THE SPA and ACTIVITIES