North Luangwa National Park is one of the last unspoilt true wilderness areas left in Africa. Renowned for its enormous herds of buffalo  and numerous other species of wildlife and birdlife, this park is remote and wonderfully wild !


Buffalo Camp is a seasonal bush camp based in the North Luangwa National Park. The camp usually opens at the beginning of June and closes at the end of October. The camp is rebuilt and taken down each year.

The recommended stay at Buffalo Camp is from three  to five  nights. This will enable you to fully appreciate the uniqueness of the North Luangwa Area..

The Camp consists of 6 chalets all en-suite plus 1 guide’s chalet. The chalets are all over looking the Mwaleshi River. A maximum of 12 clients can be accommodated at a time. The area is predominately for walking safaris but we will do limited game and night drives. Buffalo Camp is unique in that it is one of the only camps in the North Luangwa that accommodate families with children.




Shiwa Safaris are renowned for first-class Walking Safaris.  Walks are not an endurance trip but more of a meander. Normally these last approximately 4 to 5 hours. These trips are conducted by highly experienced Zambian guides and are always accompanied by an armed Zambia Wildlife Authority guard. 

The beauty of North Luangwa as that you get a feel for raw Africa, just you and the wild. There are no game vehicles from other lodges piling up on a sighting or a kill, in fact you are unlikely to see anyone else on your safari. 


getting there

There are a number of ways to get in to North Luangwa:
1. There is the main gate on the western side of the park at Mano Park Headquarters. This is 42 kilometres from the Great North Road. The turn off is roughly 60 kilometres from Mpika and 26 kilometres from the Shiwa Ng’andu Estate turn off.
2. There are another two entrances on the eastern boundary of the park. The northern-most entry on the eastern side is serviced by a pontoon for early season crossing of the Luangwa River. This is for people travelling to, or coming from South Luangwa National Park.
Please be sure to check Google Earth as maps are available with GPS coordinates and waypoint markers. However, the quickest way to get to North Luangwa is by chartering a light aircraft from Lusaka or Mfuwe. (See links below)



The North Luangwa / Buffalo camp season begins in early June, however this poses more of a challenge as the grass is still tall and the game is more dispersed, though the bird life is abundant. The evenings are cool and warm clothing is essential.

Through August and September the wildlife concentrates along the Mwaleshi river, making spectacular game viewing a certainty. By this time of year temperatures have risen to ‘comfortably warm’. 

By October the wildlife around Buffalo camp and along the Mwaleshi river is at its best. An abundance of wildlife and bird life makes for unbelievable sightings. BUT the temperatures soar into the mid forties (40 degrees centigrade) Normally at this time of year, the Mwaleshi river has dropped to its lowest and is safe to wade and swim in.



Warm clothes, a torch with some spare batteries, a wide brimmed sun hat, swimming costumes (towels are provided), binoculars, mosquito repellent, high factor sun cream (SPF 30+) and a camera battery charger that will run off a 12 volt power supply such as a car power point. Although the North Luangwa and Kapishya Hot Springs lodge are not high risk malaria areas, we do recommend that you take a prophylactic, so please consult your doctor.


Important Notice

For the second year running, Buffalo Camp is privilege to find itself within the North Luangwa Black Rhino Sanctuary – which is now classed as an intensive protection zone (IPZ). This exciting development provides us with the opportunity of living amongst the last of these critically endangered animals.  It also means that there are certain practices that the Zambian Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) request we adhere to.

There are clearly visible signs to Buffalo Camp once you enter the park. Please make sure that you follow them precisely. We owe the Park Authourities  our combined support in sticking to the roads and reaching Buffalo Camp without any deviations.

ZAWA has advised that anyone deemed to be breaking the Park Rules and Regulations will be dealt with severely (removal from the Park and/or a hefty fine!!)

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See Route Map within the North Luangwa National Park